PDC Machines Saves Costs and Brings in New Business

By participating in DVIRC’s unique 'learn and apply' approach to continuous improvement, PDC was able to identify and capture $500,000 worth of cost savings over a period of three years.

Through this work, PDC was able to maintain the production of legacy customer work on a particular product line worth $7 million while bringing in a new $7 million piece of business without skipping a beat, a feat that the management team did not see possible without the help of DVIRC and implementation of CI within PDC’s business.

Further, business leaders made investments of $200,000 in their people and internal processes and helped create and retain important jobs at PDC crucial to organizational growth.

Mateen Afzal,
Vice President of Operations and General Manager

Eastern Surfaces Makes Quality and Productivity Gains

We have a three-day production window, and when material is late, the shop has to scramble. MRC helped us find ways we can get better info. on the front end and schedule appropriately.

Brian Rocca,

Gasbarre Products, Inc. Implements Operational Excellence

We appreciate organizations like NWIRC. Western PA can be a challenging environment and it’s great having resources to point you in the right direction. We’re excited to jump into the next phase of the operational excellence project for implementation.

Heath Jenkins,
President of Press & Automation

Avanti Cigar Rolls Out New Safety Programs with NEPIRC

NEPIRC is and was very helpful with our concerns. I would definitely recommend NEPIRC to other companies looking for similar services.

Gene Albanesi,
General Affairs Clerk

Nittany Paper Mills, Inc, Implements New ERP System

Through a resource at a sister center, IMC helped us identify a number of potential solutions, which I did not know existed for our specific industry. We were pleased with the level of diligence put forth in getting vendor responses to our needs specifically rather than just the sales pitch given by the vendors. This was great considering that as a small business we wear many hats, and this process can be dauntingly time consuming.

John Cottrill,

C.H. Reed Generates
New Business Leads

C.H. Reed’s new website wasn’t going to do us much good if prospects weren’t finding it through different keyword search results in search engines.

MANTEC connected us to an expert that ensured we were ranking on searches for our products and services. Our website now generates quality leads for growing our business.

Shane Vrankin,

Product Evaluation Systems Navigates the Complexities of Additive Manufacturing

The opportunity to meet with NASA’s experts easily saved us 12–24 months in development time. The opportunity to participate in TechConnect substantially shortened our additive manufacturing learning curve. This helps not only our company but also benefits those companies that look to PES for guidance as they move through their own additive manufacturing learning curve.

Walt Moorhead,

More Success Stories

PA MEP has over 100 success stories representing our work with PA manufacturers. PA MEP has helped manufacturers improve operations, increase profits, adopt new technology and grow their businesses.